Jen's April Challenge!!

Because I believe in you!

Jen Reynolds - Stella & Dot Stylist

April is going to be a great month for you! And just because you are travelling and away from home a little I just know that won't stop you from Rockin' it!

Your April Challenge should you choose to accept it!

  • 2 shows
  • $1500 in sales
  • Hand out 2 opportunity brochures!

Print this email and check off your achievements.. keep it visible!

How will you do it?

  • Leverage Autism Awareness - teachers, family, Facebook
  • Promote new line - offer the FIRST chance to see the collection to hostesses
  • Mother's Day outside orders - contact husbands you know
  • Mail out the new summer mini's to your highest purchasers

How will we celebrate?

AT our next camping adventure of course!!

Trish T - Your Team Leader!

Not to worry... I am here! To inspire, encourage, help and for tips and tricks!