Screech Owls

by Melany, Minerva, and Meredith

Measuring the Length, Width, and Mass of the Owl Pellet

Length: 8 centimeter

Width of Owl Pellet: 3 centimeters

Mass: 13.8 grams

Dissecting Pellet

We dissected the pellet and found many bones
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2 Multiple Choice Questions

1. How weak is the owl's stomach acid compared to the snake's stomach acid? Why?

a) The owl's stomach acid is weaker because they regurgitate the bones and fur.

b) The owl's stomach acid is stronger because it can eat the snake.

c) The snake's acid is the same as the owl's because they prey on the same animals.

d) The snake's stomach acid is weaker because the snake is a reptile.

2. Is the owl pellet itself an ecosystem?

a) No, the stomach acid that comes from the owl dissolves all living organisms that come into contact with it.

b) Yes, it is a home for clothes moths, carpet beetles, and fungi.

c) Yes, because it used to be an animal.

d) No, because the animal that the owl regurgitated is dead and therefore cannot support any other form of life.