Life at the rock

School 6-8

My years through middle school were fun, different, and social. My first year experience in middle school was at Horace Mann Middle school. It was an all sixth grade school. It was fun. Then I went to Shattuck. Shattuck is a seventh and eighth grade school. My seventh grade year was like being small, short, and talkative. Then eighth grade came around It was more fun being the biggest the baddest and the strongest. Eighth grade was the most fun out of all of my middle school years and I am ready for new and better heights.


In my eighth grade year I had the most freedom compared to my other two. This year I played soccer, track, and went to Brigade. In eighth grade I am the oldest, but when I am in in high school, I will be the smallest just like in kindergarten. But it will be more fun because I will have more stuff to do.


Eighth grade was the I first year I did track. Track was my first running sport. The first days of track I was thing should I do tis or not. I said it is a sport I have nothing to lose. So I signed up. The first days of track were the hardest because I am not a long distance runner. Know I am getting better. We have meets and compete with other schools. I am doing the 100 meter dash the 400 meter dash and the long jump.


This year was my third year of Brigade. I have done Brigade in the past. This year we worked on marching. I found it ok. For camp almost everyone goes to Onaway Island. I stay there for one week. In that time I go banana boating swimming, ropes climbing, and scuba diving.


This year is my 4th year playing soccer. I played two years when I was little, then I stopped. Then I started back up again when I was 13. Last year I was trying to get used to playing the game again. Now I am ready to play better this year because I know what is going on.