By Katie and John :)

About Redwood

Redwood is in California in the western part of the United States. It is along the coastline. Coast Redwood trees are in Redwood and are one of the biggest trees in the world! Many ancient plants are in Redwood including Douglas fir trees, spruce, and hemlock. The climate in Redwood consists mostly of cool, moist air. A waterway in Redwood is the Klamath River. There is a Klamath River overlook so you can look over Klamath river. At a certain time of year you can even see whales migrating down Klamath river! There is a landform called Fern Canyon. Fern Canyon is a very large gorge that’s walls are completely covered in ferns.

Deerfield School

About Redwood by Deerfield School

How Fern Canyon Was Formed

Formed as a result of mining during the gold rush. Miners washed away topsoil with high-pressure water cannons. The creek made by the water cannons then further eroded the walls of the canyon. Soon the canyon was totally eroded and ferns grew on both sides of the big gorge.

Deerfield School

How Fern Canyon Was Formed by Deerfield School

Interesting Facts

  • There are banana slugs

    • 2nd biggest slug species

    • can grow up to 10 inches

  • Many Redwood trees live between 500-700 years

    • some trees grow taller than 35 stories

  • Bald Eagles have sharp beaks used to rip apart prey

  • Places in Redwood that in the past have been logged are now being replanted