The Help

A Look into the Past By Sasha R. & Virginia H.

Summary of The Help

The Help is set in 1962 Jackson, Mississippi. It centers around 3 women, Aibileen, Minny, and Skeeter Phelans. Though having other characters that effect the story, this book is told from the point of views from these 3 women. Skeeter has dreams of being a journalist, though that's rather tough to find for a woman in Mississippi. Calling around she's finally able to get a job in New York, under one condition, she write something important and worth while by January. Telling the editor that she's already got something, she's been interviewing a black maid, seeing the working conditions for these maids. Skeeter then talks to Aibileen who agrees to do so, on certain conditions. After they have all of Aibileen's chapter done, she sends this to the editor, who wants about a dozen more by the new year. Skeeter gets all these interview's, giving different names, and places of each person. The book gets published, and becomes a best seller. Skeeter moves to New York finding a journalist job there, and Aibileen decides to write her own book.
The Help - Book & Movie Review

Point of View

The Help is told in an in between area of 1st person, and 3rd person omniscient. The book is told from Skeeter's, Aibileen's, and Minny's point of view. Each being told through first person. This is known by the fact each section uses the pronouns, I, me, we, ours, and that it is told from the narrators point of view.

Literary Devices in The Help

Some literary devices found in The Help include allusions, and personification.

The personification can be found when Minny has to clean a giant taxidermy bear, and she talks to it, saying 'Just you an me today.' and when she describes the fact that the bear stares at her like a snack. The allusions can be found throughout the book. Examples of these allusions can be found when Aibileen describes her fears for writing the book, saying how white men will come knock on her door holding wooden bats and match sticks, of course referring to the Ku Klux Klan. There are a few metaphors at well, an example would be when Skeeter is describing Constantine's singing voice.


"You is kind. You is smart.You is important." - Aibileen

"Minny don't burn fried chicken." - Minny

"Don't walk your white butt to New York, run it!" - Minny

"I'm sorry, were you dropped on your head as an infant? Or were you just born stupid?" -Skeeter


The Help is by far one of the best books I have read. The way the story is presented is truly amazing. If someone asked me to recommend this book, I most definitely would. I would recommend it to a high school reading class. All in all this is an extraordinary book, and everyone should at least try to reading it.
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