ACA Pediatric Council News

Spring 2016

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What's new!!

We have a new Executive Council. Our new President-Jenny Brocker, DC, DICCP, Vice President-Julie Hartman, DC, DICCP, Secretary-Jennifer Murphy, DC, DICCP, and Treasurer-Emily Watters, DC and Past President-Elise Hewitt, DC, DICCP

Keep in touch with us!

New Social Media Director

Sarah Radabaugh will be updating our Facebook pages with council news, videos and articles that are relevant to pediatrics. She will also be updating the website for the most up to date information on the Council. We are hoping to expand and update the research section. If you have information to share, contact Sarah We would love your input regarding the Council having a twitter account. Email and let us know your thoughts.

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ACA Pediatric Symposium

The 8th Annual symposium joined in collaboration with the ACA Rehab Council at the New York Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada March 4th-6th. Classes included Dr. Michelle Stafford discussing tongue tie, Dr. Elise Hewitt discussing cranio-sacral therapy, and Drs. Jerrold Simon, Anthony Gross and George Petruska on Post-Surgical Spine Rehab Saturday, Drs. Craig Morris on Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization (DNS) and Scoliosis and Dr. Pamela Tunnell & Dr. Maria Perry on The Prague School Approach. Both groups benefited from learning through each others abilities. Planning for the 2017 symposium is well underway and more will be announced in the next news letter.