The Hunger Games Katniss

What do you think will happen to Katniss Everdeen

Katniss has many skills like......

1. Archery but it would be better if she has her fathers bow because she can not make one very well.

2. She can run fast but it would be better if she was at home hunting for food because she is more motivated to feed her family than herself.

3. She comes up with plans quickly.

4. She cares for others, but that is kinda bad to that can get you to be tricked and can get you killed.

5. Katniss is smart with herbs to make medication for wounds.

6. Katniss can climb trees very well but it would also help if she wasn't so small.

The ones she loves or loved......

Prim: Her beloved little sister.

Buttercup: Prim loves her so Katniss takes care of her.

Her Father: Took care of her and died in a mine.

Her Mother: Didn't take care of Katniss or Prim but took care of the oposite.

Peeta: Worked his way into her heart.

Gale: Best Friend since child

Some of the people she cares about but thinks of indifferently

Katniss only kills for the ones she loves. Like Rue who is from district 11. She cares for Katniss and Katniss cares for her like a sister. Is Rue just a replacement for Prim until Katniss wins or loses

Have You Read the Hunger games books

If you haven't ask your self why haven't I read this book yet?

If you have ask your self what should happen after the third book?