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Week of October 19, 2015

New Math Focus

Friday we began a new math unit. We will now be working with rates, ratios, and proportions. Most students have never encountered this material before. Because of this, we will be moving quite slowly through the unit and will focus on real life examples of these math concepts.

Curriculum Night - Thank You!

I want to take the opportunity to thank all of you who came to our sixth grade curriculum night last week. I absolutely appreciate that so many of you took the time out of your busy schedules to learn about what your students are doing in sixth grade.

Attached below are the powerpoints we covered for those of you that were unable to attend.


This week we are going to shift from our recent history unit of study where students researched an entrepreneur from the 1900s to chemistry. We will primarily focus on studying how matter acts and reacts in all three states (solid, liquid, and gas).

To kick off the unit my younger sister, Holly, served as a guest speaker. She works as a medical laboratory scientist at North Kansas City Hospital and spoke to all of sixth grade about her science background as well as how she applies science, particularly chemistry, at her job.



Student costumes must be appropriate for school. Please use good judgment in deciding what costume to wear to school. Remember our student population is PreK-Grade 6. Scary masks, swords, and weapons should not come to school. It is a half day of school, so please use your best judgment on hair color and face paint.


Come join us for our annual Halloween parade on October 29th at 8:20AM in the LeRoy Elementary School RVS gym. Our PreK-6th grade students will parade through the gym. Family members are welcome to attend our Halloween parade. For crowd control purposes, grades 5-6 will participate in the Halloween parade in the RVS gym but will not stay in the gym with the rest of the school. We will parade through then walk right out of the gym and head back to class. All guests may enter at 8:15AM and report to the RVS gym. Guests are politely asked to exit the facility promptly after the close of the parade due to the safety and security of our students. If parents need to re-enter the building after the parade, please report to the office.


Our class Halloween Party will take place from 10:15-11:00. I will send out email reminders this week to parents who signed up for treats.

Parent/Teacher Conference Reminder

Please keep in mind that parent/teacher conferences are just around the corner! Students are welcome to attend your conference with you, should your family feel comfortable doing so. I will send paper reminders home of your conference time before the end of the week. In addition, the most up to date schedule is linked below for reference.

Scholastic Order

I will be placing a Scholastic order this Friday. Students received multiple order forms last week.

I know many of you regularly order from our class Scholastic order, so I want to go ahead and give families a heads up that I will be placing an order in November but probable not in December. Last year I had multiple families place secret orders for the holidays and I separated out books for them that they then secretly picked up from the school at their convenience. Should you wish to place a secret holiday order, please make sure you let me know it is a secret so I do not tell your student or give them the books when they arrive. The November order will not be placed until the Friday before Thanksgiving break.

Upcoming Events

10/28: Half Day of Student Attendance

10/28: Parent/Teacher Conferences

10/29: Halloween Parade 8:20-8:50am RVS Gym

10/29: Class Halloween Party 10:15-11:00am

10/29: Half Day of Student Attendance

10/29: Parent/Teacher Conferences

10/30: No School

Bonnie Pollock

Please contact me with any questions, comments, or concerns.