Peace In Water

Help us spread our peace through water

The Importance In Water Here is a website with a bit more depth on the importance.

10% of the world's population live without access to safe water and water is very important and is used in many ways. You need it it live and to stay sanitized. If the water is unsafe and not clean it cancels out the whole purpose of it and the people can't keep up with their health has well.

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Collecting Contaminated Water

The water that most women collect is polluted and unsafe to drink. With the water being polluted it causes diseases and the fact to women and children have to go collect it is a big waste of time. If the kids did't have to go collect water that's miles away they could be in school learning and getting an education. As we all know water is an essential to life and is needed everywhere, so this organization wants to help provide clean safe water.
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Solution, Our Way to Help

Our solution to helping them get safe water is to filter surface water. We clean the water that's accessible so that they don't have to go far. Since the water is filtered and clean it will higher the rate if their heath. To keep the filters up to date we will educate the people on how they work so they can keep track of them. You can help by donating.