Come to our Super Moon Star Party

We are going to look at an awsome Super Moon

We will be watching a Super Moon

It only appears every 12 to 13 months. We will learn more about the moon and find out how and why this Super moon happens.

Super speical moon

Sunday, Sep. 27th, 10:30am

Pacific Ocean

We will be on a cruise make sure you are on time.

Activities (EST)

10:30am- We leave the dock.

11:30am-We have a moon pie eating contest

12:00pm-We dance on the disco floor

1:00pm- we prepare for the super moon.

1:45pm-we watch the super moon and learn about it

2:30pm- Then we have a pool party.

3:30pm- You do what you want on the cruise (must follow rules)

4:30pm-we go back to the dock and we go home