Waste and Disposal Costs Reduction

By: Payton Eddy

Waste Prevention

  1. Donate soap and toiletries to local shelters
  2. Reuse old linens as aprons or towels.
  3. Donate old furniture or equipment to charity
This will help not creating waste in the future and it makes the hotel look good by reusing.
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  1. Recycle bins kept in room
  2. Work around things that aren't reusable,try to use things that are recyclable
  3. Recycle used water
By recycling this will show a more healthier environment in the hotel and make the guest that visit it feel better about themselves because of helping the environment by staying there.
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Buy recycled items

Buy items like recycled toilet paper and recycled linen for hotel or low pressured showers.

This will help the costs of buying things for the hotel and will create a more environmental safe workplace and visiting place for the guests that come.

The overall theme of this topic on waste reduction and lowering costs is that the more you use waste reduction in the hotel the less waste it will create in the future it will show the guests that visit that you care about the environment and their well being and the future of the earth which will cause more people to come see you.