Biography of Harriet Tubman

By: Aniyah Goodman

Early Life

Harriet made all trip into marylab Harriet help 100 people and told people about her story Harriet Tubman was brave woman Harriet was a slave when she was 5 years old.

Why is she famous

she was the leader of the under groud rale road from 1860-1861 and for helping people


Interesting Facts

she ever lost a passenger harriet tubman die on 1913 she got merea to msr. Tubman

Famous Quote

Harriet what freedom thousand slave i could have freedom thousand and move if they knew they were slave

How has she influenced others

she help slave exaip and she help her bruther and ster and she said god do i have 20 dolers and a dcise waiting for me downstaiers and he said yes so she went downstaiers and got it