Growing Leaders

Austin ISD Leadership Development News, Spring 2018


Why a Leadership Development newsletter, and why now?

According to Harvey S. Firestone, "The growth and development of people is the highest calling of leadership." As school leaders, we have a unique opportunity and fertile environment to scout for talent and push people to live up to their potential. This happens with students in our classrooms, teachers in our hallways, and parents in our driveways. Every engagement holds the potential to discover and develop a leader.

In the pursuit of building leadership capacity within AISD and your individual school, this newsletter will highlight the resources and support available to help you. Our department exists for the sole purpose of discovering and building our most valuable resource - our people!

The title, Growing Leaders, speaks to the fact that AISD is full of leaders who invest in their own professional growth while also actively "growing" the leaders around them. The hand tools in the background represent the challenging, hands-on and sometimes messy work that goes into leading.

We expect the newsletter to evolve over time, and welcome your feedback on how to improve it and ensure it meets your needs. Thank you for joining us!

Start with WHY - Simon Sinek

Why do you lead? How do you cast a compelling vision that inspires and influences others to follow you? How do you, as a leader, market your school and the great work that makes it unique?

Leadership Cohort Application Season!

We're looking for current and future AISD leaders who are ready to advance to the next level!

Current AISD teacher leaders who aspire to the assistant principalship should consider the Assistant Principal Preparation Program (AP3). Find more information here:

Current AISD assistant principals and academy directors who aspire to the principalship should consider the Principal Preparation Program (P3). Find more information here:

We are doing a Happy Dance over the Good News!

Austin ISD has been selected to participate in George W. Bush Institute’s School Leadership Cohort! This is a professional learning community consisting of four selected school districts across the U.S. The cohort will work hand-in-hand with the Bush Institute’s Education Reform team to implement their Principal Talent Management Framework. The Principal Talent Management Framework is an evidence-based pathway for districts to attract, develop and retain high-quality principals. The framework represents a distillation of the best research available on principal talent management strategies. The AISD Leadership Development Team will keep you informed as we progress through the work with the Bush Institute!

Click on this link for more information.

Leader Spotlight - Amy Gonzales

Amy is the principal of Nan Clayton Elementary School and an alumnus of the AISD Principal Pathway Academy (now known as the Principal Preparation Program.) She is a champion of teacher empowerment and building the leaders on her campus.

"PPA provided many opportunities to hear current leaders share their stories. There have been times since my principalship started that I have reflected on speakers, or activities we went through, to help me navigate through different situations that arise on my campus."

AISD Principal Portrait & Leadership Framework

Who is the ideal principal? What talents, knowledge and skills does he/she possess? Discover below what we look for in current and future leaders in the Principal Portrait & Leadership Framework.

Leader Spotlight - Manny Reyes

Manny is an assistant principal at Willie I. Kocurek Elementary School and an alumnus of the AISD Assistant Principal Pathway Academy (now known as the Assistant Principal Preparation Program.)

“The Assistant Principal Preparation Program was instrumental to my transition from a teacher to a first year assistant principal. It provided targeted professional learning experiences focused on leadership and facilitated by district experts. The program also afforded me the opportunity to interact with other highly motivated campus leaders aspiring to move into the assistant principalship. Finally, my Executive Leadership Initiative (ELI) empowered me to demonstrate leadership capabilities on my campus that helped me grow my personal leadership capacity. “

Upcoming Events

  • Mar. 27 - Asst. Principal Evening Learning Series
  • Apr. 30 - Deadline to share CAPR Instructional Leadership and Practices scores
  • May 17 - Salute: A Tribute to Excellence

Rosa Peña, Ph.D.

Director of Leadership Development

Austin ISD, Office of Talent Acquisition & Development