Pyro Deinonychus

R.I.P July 12th - October 4th 70 million years ago

The Legendary Life of Pyro Deinonychus: an Obituary

70 million years ago, in the late Cretaceous period the Earth welcomed a friend and relative into its loving arms. Pyro Deinonychus was a wonderful Pyroraptor and he will be missed. He was a Deinonychus, a type of Theropod. A Theropod is a type of dinosaur that lived in the Mesozoic era. Pyro was born on July 12th 70 million years ago. Pyro may have enjoyed climbing trees, but he loved eating delicious meat. He liked eating herbivore dinosaurs, and in a way helped out the plants of the Mesozoic era by making sure they weren’t over eaten. He may have ate dinosaurs like the Torosaurus and other plant eating dinosaurs. Old Pyro lived in the plains of western Europe, more specifically southern France. Pyro loved it there. He had four children, Pyro jr., Raptor, Thief, and Claw. His late wife's name was Fire Thief, and her name was ironic because Pyroraptor means Fire Thief in Greek. Of course Pyro had nothing to do with fire. His name was given to him because his remains were found after a forest fire in France in 1992.

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Greg's Funeral Home, Paris France 82314

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Pyro's Appearance and Death

Pyro wasn’t the most beautiful of creatures. Specifically because he had sickle shaped claws on his feet. Pyro used his claws as weapons and climbing tools. His claws may have been strange but they were nothing compared to his long tail. It was almost as big as his small body. Scientists speculate he may have had feathers but no one can know for sure. Pyro was a mysterious creature, little is known about him. In fact there is only a single fossil to showcase his life. We still don’t know how he mysteriously died, but scientists are still searching so that Pyro Deinonychus may rest in peace.

R.I. P Deinonychus July 12th - October 4th 70 million years ago.

Below is another idea on what Pyro looked like.
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