E-learning May 18th

Jones First Grade

Here are the links and directions for today's e-learning. Never stop learning!

1. Watch this video about stopping if you are confused and looking for clues.

Gr K-1 | Readers question & predict - Lesson 4

2. Read this book along with the video, or any book of your choice. Stop if you get confused and look for clues.

Polar Animals by Wade Cooper

3.Take an AR test

4. Watch these math videos.

Double-Digit Subtraction for Kids
Subtraction of 2 Digit Numbers Without Regrouping | Grade 1 Maths For Kids | Periwinkle
Subtraction With Regrouping Song | Subtraction Rap for Kids

5. Do IXL Section H. 18.

If you have qny questions, please e-mail your teacher.