Stone Tools

Madelaine Keppler

Vocabulary Words

Homo: Half man half ape. Homos used stone tools for many things like hunting, building, and creating.

Hammer stone: A rock used to make flakes for tools. Homos used hammer stones to make tools

Flakes: Flakes are used for the tools they would be attached to a stick and then that tool would be called a flake tool.

In my whole research I figured out many things, but these are the main things I learned. One thing I learned was about homos. They are half man half ape,and also that they were the first people to make a tool.

Another thing I learned was how to make a stone and what it was used for.You made it by using a hammer stone (which is a rock) to make flakes from a different rock,The flake was connected to a stick by twine and then was used. when the tool is finished being made, it is used for hunting, building, and ect.

That is what I learned in my whole research.

When I was reading a paragraph it said that homos' were the first people to make stone tools. Then I thought when the homo made the first stone tool when he presented/showed it to his pack of homos, what did he feel?Also I thought what did the pack think and do? Then I thought I can connect to the first person who made the stone tool. When I was little I was drawing and when I showed my parents I felt nervous and scared ,but after my parents looked at it they smiled and said that it was amazing.On the other hand the homos didn't know what it was. Until that smart homo showed what the stone tool did. That was my connection.