ONLY your Sales team bring Profits

Rest all other Staff are Expense


Imagine a Transport business where the driver is unskilled, or a Ice cream Parlor which does not have cold storage, or a Hotel which has a bad chef - Can we imagine profits in such business - NO "Definitely NO" coz the Driver, Cold Storage and Chef are the ones responsible for profits - Do we really take good care about the talents of our Profit Providers - Managers and Medical Representative - ?????. Yet we look forward for sales increase month after month - It wont come - Just as tasty food cannot be prepared by Bad Chef. Untie the Knot of the Sales process through pManifold.

Send your Sales staff for training by Experts - By Practitioners - pManifold

Thursday, Sep. 3rd, 9pm

pManifold Capacity Building Services 741, Nelson Square Behind Axis Bank, Byramji Town Nagpur – 440013

pManifold’s Capacity Building Services

  • Our in-house management consultants and associated trainers deliver action-oriented training that contribute to capacity building of employees of a business.
  • With our great pool of trainers we are able to customize training to the level required by the clients.

  • pManifold Trainers include in-house consultants and industry professionals with a trainer’s bent of mind resulting in a practical implementation of capacity building initiatives with effective and measureable outcomes.

Key Training Areas

· Goal Setting and Strategic Planning

· Tying a Knot to Untying the Sales process Knots

· Sales & Negotiation

· Team work and Team building

· Time Management, Personal Effectiveness

· Understanding Pharma industry.

· Business Etiquette, Ethics

· English Language Skills, Business Communication,

- Presentation Skills

· In-clinic Performance and RCPA.

- Reporting and Documentation

We Are pManifold

pManifold is a Management Consulting Firm that applies creative modeling and go-to market strategies to help build and/or scale businesses. It delivers integrated and continuous advisory services, business modeling for feasibility, strategic planning of ventures, build-up of right partnerships and performance monitoring.