Vista Weekly

March 21, 2016

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Celebrating the Arts!

This past month, Vista students have gotten to participate in some once in a lifetime experiences and I just wanted to share.

TK-2 Campus Tours - Monday, March 21 - 8:45-9:45

Reminder that we will be hosting a campus tour for incoming and potential students tomorrow at the TK-2 campus. Families will be visiting classrooms in small groups for a couple minutes at a time. There is no need to prepare anything special, just run business as usual! (o:

College Day - Wednesday, March 23 - 1:00 Dismissal

This Wednesday is our 2nd annual college day! Stay tuned for more detailed information outlining the day's activities. For those in grades K-5, students may wear a college t-shirt to school. Also feel free to do a mini-lesson about the college your class represents (thanks for the idea Ms. Rosenberg!). Also, please note some of the scheduling changes below:

TK-2 - Lunch Picnic - Please encourage your students to bring blankets for the grab and go picnic on Wednesday. You will still walk students out at 12:30 to get their lunches. Then as a class you can head to the main yard for a school-wide picnic! Since Stoner ES is on Spring Break, the campus is ours!

3-5 - Lunches can be picked up at 12:30 and students are to remain in the lunch area until 12:55. I recommend having students pack up, go eat and then return to class to quickly get their backpacks before dismissal. Please supervise your students in the lunch area during this time.

6-8 - Lunches will be picked up after the College Day ceremony at 1:00, grab and go style as usual.

Thank you to the College Day Committee (and Mr. Draeger's wife, the ultimate "recruiter" for recruiters!) for getting this awesome day organized!!

Friday, 3/25 - Short Staffed

Just a heads up that we have a number of office staff members out this Friday which means it will be all hands on deck. Thank you for keeping this in mind as you go about your day.

Peer Observations

Compliments to all of you who have visited another teacher's classrooms this month! There are so many great strategies to be seen from your colleagues so don't miss out!

Formal Post-Conferences

Still apologizing...we are continuing to work diligently to get everyone caught up this week. In an effort to get through our post-conferences, we may check out your conference schedules and try to pop in when you have a break.


Data Talks

Please note we have not put any data-talks on the weekly. However, we will keep this availability in mind when trying to schedule post-conferences.

Celebrating Guided Reading

A special shout-out to many of our teachers who are getting ready to embark upon a guided reading approach with our students. Some teachers attended a Reader's Workshop PD last week and are ready to dive in!

Student of the Month

Please remember to get your names in for this month's student of the month by Tuesday, 3/22.

TK-2 - Student of Month Assembly - Friday, 3/25 - 10:15

3-8 Student of Month will take place at Morning Assembly

Here is a link to the google doc:

Student of the Month Submission

Office Staff Location Schedule

Here is our tentative schedule this week...
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Coming Up This Week...

Monday, 3/21 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • 7:30 - IEP - D. Lugo
  • 7:30 - Preconference: Madere
  • 8:45 - TK-2 Campus Tour
  • 10:15 - FORMAL: Madere
  • 12:15 - Barno Ice-Cream Party
  • 12:45 - ILT Meeting
  • 1:45 - YPI Check-In

Tuesday, 3/22 - Parent/Teacher Conferences

  • 7:30 - Preconference: Burcar
  • 10:15 - FORMAL: Burcar
  • 5:00 - PowerMy Learning Parent Workshop

Wednesday, 3/23 - Parent/Teacher Conferences - College Day

  • 7:30 - IEP - P. Lauterbach (Huynh, Gibb)
  • 1:00 Dismissal

Thursday, 3/24

  • 2nd/3rd Grade Field Trip - Getty
  • 7:30 - Preconference: Bennett
  • 9:00 - FORMAL: Bennett
  • 12:30 Dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences
  • 12:30 - 4:00 - Buczek Out - Budget Meeting

Friday, 3/25

  • Vera, Contreras, Fennema, Perez, Bennett, Alvarez Out
  • 7:30 - Preconference - Huynh
  • 7:55 - Student of Month (3-8)
  • 8:15 - FORMAL: Huynh
  • 10:15 - Student of Month Assembly (TK-2)
  • 12:30 - Early Dismissal - Parent/Teacher Conferences

Buczek's Tentative Schedule

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Word of the Week


(v.) brag

Instructional Focus - Cognitive Level of Student Learning Experiences (3.2B)

Same as last week! When planning your lessons (1.2B), are you addressing the following:

1) Are learning experiences differentiated to meet the needs of all learners?

2) Have you addressed the necessary accommodations needed to meet the needs of students with special needs ? (Are we in compliance for those specifically with IEPs?)

3) Do these experiences align to the objective/standard?

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Supervision Reminder

We are still looking for extra help on the yard (major shout-out to those of you who have already volunteered!) A few reminders for when you're on watch:

  • Be super VISIBLE (walk around, stay standing, avoid being hidden by students coming to speak to you)
  • Be super VIGILANT (really look around, walk over to groups of students that are huddled in the far corners of the yard, walk past the bathrooms several times, and please no cell phone use during supervision).

Supervision Schedule 3 - 8

4/4 - School Resumes

4/8- Alvin Ailey Field-Trip (Wildcats and Huskies)

4/20 - MS Out - Restorative Discipline PD

4/20 - ICEF Cadre

4/22 - 7th Grade Field Trip

4/22-4/24 - ICEF Production "Beauty and the Beast"

4/25 - 4/29 - MS SBAC Testing

4/27 - TK-2 Student of Month Assembly

4/29 - Fun Friday/Student of Month

4/30 - LAUSD Math Field Day

5/2-5/6 - ES SBAC Testing AND Teacher Appreciation Week

Links to Important Forms

We have included links to some of the important forms you will use at Vista below - but they are also included in the virtual VIP Folder!

Peer Observation Form

Remember to make a copy and share with the observee AND admin.

Detention Form

This one is super important for helping us keeping track of which students have detention on which days. Please submit every time you assign detention.

Office Referral Form

May be completed online or by paper (see the pink referral forms in your hardcopy VIP binders) but please be sure to submit either one when a student is referred to the office.

Technology Concerns Form

To request help from our Tech Guru Mr. Satoshi Kobayashi

Maintenance Request Form

To request help from our Maintenance Guru Mr. Bernard!

SST Referral Form

To request the convening of a Student Success Team to support a student with sustained difficulties in the area of behavior, academics, attendance, and/or physical/mental health despite documented targeted interventions such as tutoring, parent contact, etc.