The White Spotted Eagle Ray

Displayed in the Melbourne Aquarium

General Information

Scientific Name: Aetobatus Ocellatus

With their spotty-white colouring and cartoon-like faces, these beautiful animals are a popular sight throughout the ocean’s tropical reefs.

Wright, Height and Diet

The white-spotted ray’s "front to back" height will grow to at least 8.8m ( Stinger included) and 3.5m in length from wing to wing. It can also reach a maximum weight of 230kg which is practically weightless in the ocean.

To find their prey they search around the ocean floor for clams, oysters, shrimps, octopus, squid and sea urchins.


These majestic creatures prefer to swim and live in schools, they can be found 60 meters under the surface of the water and they tend to live in tropical waters which makes Western Australia closer to the tropical north.