Canada 2060

how does the future looks for Canada?


This smore will be talking about Canada population in 2060 and the differences in the way we live now and in 2060. This smore will also touch on the immigration of Canada and the Aboriginals in Canada.

Canada population Today

It is said that in 2012 the amount of people in the country is 34.9 million. Since 2007 the population has gone up 0.4 million a year
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Canada population in 2060

I believe that there will be a huge spike in population because of the age of people in Canada. I also believe there will be a huge war in a country that will cause Canada to take action in. This will cause a huge aftermath and cause Canada second baby boom.
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Canada immigrantion today

The amount of foreign born or immigrated people in Canada is around 20.6 percent. 34.34 million in 2011 so there are about 3 million immigrants in Canada.
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Canada immigration 2060

I believe that Canada immigration rate will not change much and will be the same rate as it is today, but there be a huge spike in population in 2046 because there will be a huge natural disaster in China that will cause a population level. I also believe that there will be a war of some sort in a unsecured area that will cause huge spike of that group in Canada.

Aboriginals population today

Canada founder were the aboriginal people they were the people who help in Canada independents and also prevented Canada from being taken over by the U.S.A. There population depletes by the second there the most important people but they haven't been given any love. Aboriginal people have the largest group of youth in all of Canada.
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Aboriginals in 2060

I believe that Canada is going to really on the Aboriginals in there quest of greatness because Canada will see that the most youths in Canada are the Aboriginals. I also say that this important because that Canada will need people to fight any up coming wars. That Canada will need to act in.

The age in Canada

People in Canada have a greater age span than Africa or other country's. This is because our level of medicine and how crowed it is. We are happy to be in Canada because we don't have to get our water or we don't have to grow our own plants to live. Our population is mostly of the baby boom echo. There are also more female and females also live longer.
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Youth in 2060

I believe there will be more youth when we hit 2060. We are in the baby boom echo when that over we will have a population stable for 12 years but i believe that we are going have a huge war. The population will sky rocket and we have a second baby boom. The youth will double or even reach to triple.
What Future America Will Look Like in 2060

What future America look like in 2060

This video suits my work because i touch on the amount of people in America on there race and immigration. The amount of white people depletes to a lower amount and there will be more black and oriental. It also talk about war and it impact on America. I believe that America and Canada will be about the same but Canada will have a bit of a Aboriginal problem

Me in 60 years

The world has change from my parents time and my time. The technology has advance but my parents can still operate the iPad or there phones and even their chrome cast. its different for my grand parents they need help at this and their about 60-70 years of age. I believe that i will not fall in my grand parents era of not knowing how to use a iPad. This is because They didn't have any tech when they grow up the most technology they use was a T.V or car. I have grown up with tech that i am able to learn or know how to use it. I believe that I will live very long in the advance in medicine. I my live so long that 60 is not the senior age that 75 maybe it.


I have reach what Canada will look like in 60 years and even I would look like when i am 60 years old. I have talk about what Canada aboriginal sizes will look and how many people will come to Canada to live here.