Coaching with NLP in practise

by Alison Richards NLP Master and Performance Coach


7 easy strategies to put in place to stop STRESS when it's just getting out of control.

Do you feel overloaded, over-whelmed and anxious?

Are others shifting goal-posts?

Are you in a “sick” working or home environment?

Are you suffocated by control freak managers with old school dictatorial management style that use punitive measures to keep you compliant?

Is there a sense of inertia in your workplace?

Do people not get you?

When you fight for what you believe in and you are silenced?

Are you feeling inadequate, under-performing....STRESSED??


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There are good and bad types of stress.

If we look at the continuum of emotions, then "stress" at its best could be sheer excitement or anticipation.

On the negative side, stress can leave you unable to function effectively and at its worst, literally. It can immobilise you in action at the extreme. Stress leads to loss of self-confidence and belief, panic attacks and depression when it continues to worsen.

What's happening physically, is the thoughts are over-powering you, which in turn causes you to restrict the flow of blood to your brain and oxygen around your body, which in turn, effects your ability to focus, think logically, to drop important chemicals and releasing toxins, which in turn results in you restricting your airways. And this spiral, is a negative one your body has got into. The good news is, you CAN stop it by re-programming your mind. Re-member when you worked well under stress and re-ducing the possibility of stress entering your world.

I have seen many clients who all report the same symptoms and bellow are some very very helpful strategies that can help you move forward; into a happier and healthier way of being. The truth is - that you want this to stop and too much stress truely isn't good for you.

If you would like further assistance and deeper work on this to eliminate panic attacks and stress that contact me on 07960026582 today.

Here’s some tips for DE-STRESSING.

  1. Listen to your intuition. If it’s right you will feel it. If it’s not right you will feel that too and it won’t be nice so listen and feed the feeling you want.

  2. Ask yourself this question – “What am I scared of?”

  3. Delegate;

  • use your fabulousness in places where you know you shine.
  • get people, processes and infrastructure around you that support your growth.
  • Accept help – Sometimes pride stands in the way
4. Plan and prioritise - When you start the day, manage your time not by the clock but first starting when naming the outcome you want from the day, then the why and then the list. When you see the list you can prioritise what matters that fits with your purpose. Learn to say no gracefully without feeling guilty for knowing what you want.

5.Manage your state – If you sense you are starting to get over-whelmed,

  • check your state and flip your thoughts to one of your most wonderful aspirational goals that you have designed in your plan.
  • Stand up, stretch and say "YES I can. Whatever it is, I’ll handle it."
  • Eat well, sleep well and have fun. – Your energy and mood impacts on others.You need to get the serratone and dopamine levels up to achieve a happier mood and this is how you do it.
6. Adopt a growth mindset – Change is a certainty in life. These days, being open and

flexible whilst keeping your personal vision in mind is where you need to be. When you experience anger and aggression from others, it is usually resistance to change

and fear of loss of control they are experiencing and projecting onto you.

7. Change your perspective – Stop. Take some slow deep breaths and affirm that you are the master of your mind. You can do this and you can chose not to ;)

Alison from Arc Services is a nlp master and coaching practitioner.
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