My erasmus experience

By:Carmen Pérez Ramírez

My erasmus+ experience

Last week,in my school some children went from the other country,for example:Romania,Italy,Poland,Portugal etc.On Tuesday 6ºA and 6ºB played The country of colours.I was the colour red with my friends Alba Molina,Julia and Eva.I and my friends did one dance.The Erasmus people clapping a lot.Then 5ºA,5ºB,6ºA and 6ºB sang one song called “Viva la Vida Coldplay”.On Thursday 4º and 6º we went to the playground and we play a game about coeducation .On Friday we went to the Sorbas cave and we went to village.In the village some pepople did two teathre.One person amount in a horses charriot and we gave a ride.At 14:00 we went to the sorbas caves.In the sorvas caves we ate and played.Then we went to the caves.In the caves we walked.When we finished we went to the bus and went to Almería.I liked this project so much.I’ve met a lot of people for example:Zuzana,Sophia,Agatha,Carlotta,Victtor,Robi,


Children were very nice and I fell well children.It is an unforgettable experience.