New Life

by antonella alvarado


The purpose of this entire project is to help and protect the homeless by moving them into a group home with other homeless provide them with clothes and food and help them find a job so they could pay their way through and settle in a house.

Important Facts

Poverty rate in america// 14.8% (46.7 million people )

Homeless rate in america// 578,424

There is many jobs that don't require a degree in college

Since of may 2015 the unemployment rate is 5.5%

Most Americans ages 25-75 will spend at least one year bellow the poverty line

seven homeless people died last year in California by freezing to death during a brutal three-week stretch as temperatures in the normally temperate Bay Area dropped to near freezing.

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Homelessness fell by more than 2 percent at the beginning of this year compared to last, or 13,344 fewer people, according to the latest data from the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Questions I asked myself

How will I get food?

What charities will provide me with the basic necessities?

How can I get others involved?

What jobs could the homeless take?

How will I get funds?

How will I convince the people to volunteer?

How much money could all of this cost?

Could state funds be an option?