Anchor Weekly

A newsletter for Alta Vista Staff~Week of October 16, 2017

Don't Forget! Next Week's Calendar

  • Faculty Meeting on Wednesday, October 18 **Bring laptops**
  • Tamale Contest on Thursday, October 19
  • A-Z Salad Bar at Lunch on Thursday, October 19
  • "Lunch & Learn with Lindsey" on Thursday, October 19
  • PLCs on Friday, October 20

COMING UP! Red Ribbon Week on October 23-27; Triad Observations DUE 10/25

Calendar Link:

UIL Kick-Off

It's time to kick-off our UIL Teams!

We are needing teachers to sponsor the following teams:

Art (Gr 4-5)

Chess (Gr 2-5)

Creative Writing (Gr 2) & Reading Writing (Gr 3-5)

Dictionary Skills (Gr 5)

Listening (Gr 5)

Maps, Charts, Graphs (Gr 5)

Music Memory (Gr 3-5)

Number Sense (Gr 4-5)

Story Telling (Gr 2-3) & Oral Reading (Gr 4-5)

Spelling (Gr 3-5)

If you are interested in coaching a team, email Mrs. Helton ASAP so she can get you your materials. The District UIL Meeting will be Saturday, January 20.

NEW THIS YEAR! Teachers and students that participate in the UIL meet will receive a special treat in January. Encourage your students to participate!

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PLCs on Friday, October 19

Judy York from Region 12 ALISEN will be here on Friday to help us with planning and questioning. EVERY teacher should be bringing his/her lesson plans for the next week. You will be working with Ms. York to increase the rigor of your pre-planned questions and finding opportunities for adding more student discourse.

Don't forget to bring your blue PLC Binder with your questioning strategies from Mrs. York.

Here is the Google Drive Folder with Questioning Resources:

House Parties

To award points to a house, please use this form:

ANYONE can award points! If you see a class or teacher doing a great job (hallways, library, cafeteria, recess, ANYWHERE!) give them points and TELL THEM! This is positive reinforcement at its best!

If you would like to recognize individuals, fill out an "Anchored in Excellence." The students/staff member will receive points for the house AND YOU will receive points for your house for making the positive effort.

If you need help with getting points logged, just email Mrs. Helton or Ms. Koenig and they can put them in for you.

Conscious Discipline

Our Weekly Commitment: We be safe in the cafeteria by talking quietly to the people sitting in front or beside us.

Classroom Tip: Morning Meeting is a great way to discuss the weekly school commitment. You can ask a different question each day like:

-What are the expectations for talking in the cafeteria?

-How do you feel when the cafeteria gets to loud?

-How can you help keep the cafeteria at a comfortable noise level?

-Why is it important for us to keep talk quietly in the cafeteria?

-Do you have some ideas on how we can help keep the cafeteria at a comfortable volume?

From Your Captain

It's Outstanding Teacher Nomination time! Please email Mrs. Logan with your nomination for Outstanding Teacher of the Year ASAP!

Round 2 of Triad Observations should be planned. They are due October 25 (for faculty meeting). Observations only need to last 15-20 minutes. Complete 1 observation for both of your fellow triad members. Here is the form that youu should print and use to record your observations:

Power of One: World Without Teachers