Principal's Newsletter

Sam Barlow High School ~ April 7, 2021


Working in a school is a very dynamic and rewarding experience. There are so many great things that happen each year and our students constantly amaze me. They see the world with fresh eyes, set goals, work to achieve their dreams, and I get to be a part of that process. It is an amazing job, and for the last 28 years I have truly enjoyed my life as an educator.

While the life of an educator is really fun, there are also challenges that I face on a daily basis, especially when you consider what we have gone through over the course of the last year. I have seen the significant struggles students and families have faced both in and outside of our building. They may be homeless or not have enough food to eat. They may be battling depression or struggling with a learning disability that sets them apart from their peers. It may have been the loss of a loved one due to COVID or a long-term illness. This knowledge pushes me to do whatever I can to make their experience at Barlow as great as it can be. I do this because I care about our students and their potential for success.

Life in a school is representative of life outside of school. It is never perfect and it is filled with bumps in the road that we must learn to navigate. My staff and I do the best we can to meet the needs of students, parents, and our community. We work to provide a safe and healthy environment with the resources we have been given and we care about the safety and emotional well being of every student in our building. Do we sometimes fall short of expectations? Yes. Do we consistently try to find ways to improve? Yes. Do we ask for input from students and parents regarding what we need to improve? Yes. We work in an environment that is based on growth, and therefore we must be willing to learn how to do things better.

As we make our final preparations for yet another shift in how we deliver instruction to students, and work hard to get kids back into our building for the first time in over a year, we will continue to push to deliver an experience that is as positive, as safe, and as meaningful as possible. We know that face to face experiences offer the best opportunity to connect with our students and increases the likelihood of an individual's success. However, we have also learned over the past year that many of our students have found ways to be successful during Comprehensive District Learning. Regardless of the choice, Sam Barlow High School staff are ready to meet the needs of all learners and will stay dedicated to doing so.

I wish you all the very best as we prepare for implementing the new Hybrid model, the last quarter of the 2020-21 school year, and the culmination of 13 years of schooling for our Senior Class. Thanks for your ongoing support and Go Bruins!


We are in the last full week of Quad 3 and working hard to help students finish successfully. This is the last big push to finish all work that has been assigned, perform on those last tests and projects, and to submit any late work that is outstanding.

All late work accepted (between now and February 24) until 11:59 pm on Tuesday 4/13. To see if your student has missing work be sure to check their grade in ParentVUE or StudentVUE and for the word "missing". If that is the case, then you know they can still turn that work in. The maximum penalty for late work is a 20% deduction. This is not the time to wait and let your student work on their own. Checking in on grades, identifying a plan for late work now, and getting assignments turned in is essential.

There is still time, but it is short and there is a need for a sense of urgency. We can get this done. Please don't hesitate to reach out and ask questions if needed.


We are so excited to begin welcoming all students back into the building beginning Monday, April 19th. Considering our students have not been here in over a year, it is fantastic to finally be in a position to have them come back. Additionally, we know that many will benefit from having time to meet with teachers face to face, be with peers, and to actually "go to school" in a building.

Over the past month there has been quite a bit of communication sent home regarding how this is going to happen and what needed to be done to attend the Hybrid model. The information given below is to clarify questions we have received and to give you important steps that you can take to help your student prepare for returning.

Attending Hybrid Instruction

  • If you have not notified the school through the surveys sent home that you want to return to in person learning through the Hybrid model, please contact us at 503.258.4850 before April 12. We will be sure to document your request.
  • Cohorts have been divided into two groups based on your address. If your address ends in an odd number then your student is in Cohort A. If it ends in an even number, your student is in Cohort B.
  • There is a new bell schedule for classes now that we are beginning the Hybrid model. Please be sure to review the schedules linking in this section that outline both in person and online only instruction.
  • Cohort A will be in the building on Monday and Tuesday afternoon with the first day being April 19. To see the schedule, simply choose Cohort A Bell Schedule.
  • Cohort B will be in the building on Thursday and Friday afternoon with the first day being April 22. To see the schedule, simply choose Cohort B Bell Schedule.
  • For students who are not coming back to the building for our Hybrid Model, there is a new schedule for our online only, or eGBSD Bell Schedule students.
  • We have organized a Hybrid on a Page document for your reference. This document outlines all key elements students will need to know when returning. We have been covering all expectations with students during Advisory lessons so they should be familiar with those upon arrival.
  • If you are interested in reviewing a comprehensive list of safety procedures, building procedures, and resources, please review the Sam Barlow Return to Learn Plan.

NOTE: There will be 65 minutes of instruction each class period broken into two parts. Part One (morning) will be 30 minutes of synchronous instruction for Advisory and Periods 5, 6, and 7. Part Two (afternoon) will be face to face for the "On Cohort" and may be asynchronous or synchronous for eGBSD and "Off Cohort" students depending upon the teacher's plans. Please make sure your students looks at the posted plans for the week and attends all classes as needed.

  • Example: On Monday students in Cohort B and eGBSD may be required to go to Part Two of the school day and login to their class remotely to get more instruction from their teacher while Cohort A is in person at Barlow.

No matter what we are working hard to provide the best experience possible for our students. considerable planning has gone into this plan and staff have done a great job preparing for students to get back into the building. With that being said, we also know things may be tweaked a bit in order to create a more effective system. After all, we have never implemented a hybrid system before so we are a work in progress. Thanks ahead of time for your grace and patience.


All students that will be attending the Hybrid Model, and those who need to get materials for Quad 4, will need to stop by the building on Wednesday, April 14th between 12-6pm. This is our last materials distribution for the year and will be critical for starting off Quad 4 successfully.

Essential Items for Pick-Up

  • All Hybrid students will need to pick up an ID Badge that they will use to "swipe in and out" each day when entering/exiting the building.
  • All Hybrid students will pick up a Chromebook case to safely transport their device too and from school.
  • All Hybrid students who wish to drive to school will need to submit an application for a Parking Pass. There will be no charge for a parking pass, anyone with a valid drivers license and insurance will be able to park on-site, and all sophomores through seniors are eligible. Please complete the 2020-21 Parking Pass Application before coming to the building.
  • All eGBSD and Hybrid students, please see the Textbook and Resource List to determine if you need to get a textbook, materials kit, or other resource for your student.


We are excited to announce that Season 3 competition begins at Barlow on Tuesday, April 12. During Season 3, Boys and Girls Tennis, Boys and Girls Golf, Softball, Baseball, Track and Field, and Boys and Girls Water Polo will be competing over a six-week season. This will not look like a typical season as many of our games will be with teams outside of the Mount Hood Conference and there will be no Conference Champions or State Playoffs to attend. However, this is a great opportunity for our student athletes to connect with each other, their coaches, and represent their team and school while competing. That is Awesome!

Although our teams will be competing, there will be limited opportunity for Spectators at Season 3 Events. At this time, spectators are only able to attend competitions at Barlow and they must receive a ticket from a player in order to attend. Look for updates on our Athletics Web Page.


On Thursday, April 15th from 4-6pm we invite all seniors to stop by and pick up their Cap and Gown along with several other items we have assembled for them. This will be a great celebration and our "kick-off" activity for the Class of 2021.

When stopping by, Seniors will enter the building through the Gym Entrance off the main parking lot and walk through the building making stops along the way to pick up some serious swag, along with their Cap and Gown from Josten's.

We hope to see all of our Seniors on Thursday, April 15th.

(Senior Graphic Designed by Bergan Grant)


We will begin our final Quad of the school year on Monday, April 19th. No matter if you are returning to the building in our Hybrid model, or if you are continuing online through eGBSD Quad 4 is right around the corner. Quad 4 classes include Periods 5-7 for most all students, and Period 8 for students in Jazz Band, Barlow Sound, and those completing Credit Recovery.

Your student will be receiving their new Google Classroom Codes or an invitation to their new class by the afternoon of Friday, April 16th. Make sure they are checking their school email for the new codes or Google Classroom for the invite to their new classes. These are the codes that will get them access to their new teachers, new classes, and new lessons and assignments.


One of the most significant benefits our students have is the Sam Barlow College & Career Center. Patty Neuenschwander, LindaLee Frazier, and Tia Molony work tirelessly to find college and career resources and opportunities and bring them directly to our students.

From college applications, scholarship opportunities to career exploration and internship possibilities, they have the resources and support available to help your student make their post high school plans.

Please read the College & Career Center Newsletter to learn more about what is being offered.



Each year the Barlow Booster Club is responsible for planning the all-night party celebration for our graduating seniors. This year, while we are hopeful that a party happen, we have had to shift our focus. We are working hard to create new, safe, and meaningful memories for our seniors this year. These new programs will be passed down from year to year and eventually benefit all Sam Barlow Students.

Here is a quick update on all that is going on and how you can help.

Fundraise for FREE!!! Shop with Scrip!

Scrip is simply a gift card that you buy and spend at face value. We receive a rebate on each gift card purchased. And to make things even easier you can do it all from your phone using eGift cards that are available immediately! There are over 200 stores available as eGift cards including Amazon, Starbucks, Home Depot, Walmart, Target, Khols, and just about every national restaurant you can imagine.

No hassle, no waiting - just shopping with one extra little step.

You can also have physical gift cards sent directly to your home to use in person or give as gifts. This even includes VISA gift cards!

Please download the RaiseRight app today and join our program using our group code


It's that simple.

Local retailers like Fred Meyer and WinCo will be available soon on our website

The website also gives important information about all the other fundraisers and activities that we have going on. Things like monthly cooking classes with our very own Chef Sam, a Jazzy Bagle bread fundraiser, Rocky Mountain Chocolates Christmas fundraiser, and monthly restaurant fundraisers.

You can follow us on Facebook or Instagram using #SBHS2021.

Thank you for your continued support of our amazing seniors!


In order to connect with our school community, Principal Bruce Schmidt will be hosting a monthly parent meeting on the fourth Monday of each month. During this meeting, Mr. Schmidt will present on a variety of topics to inform participants of what is taking place at Barlow. These meetings are never "one way" as Mr. Schmidt will gather input from parents and guardians to help make the Barlow experience quality for all.

Our last meeting will be held on 5/24. The meetings begin at 7:00pm and end at 8:30pm and will be conducted virtually through the use of Google Meets. Each month an invitation will be sent to you with an agenda via email outlining the topics for discussion along with the link to the Google Meet. We look forward to seeing you at the end of this month.


Sam Barlow Social Worker Kim Louvin is working with a team to help families have access to the most up to date information on Community Resources and Assistance Programs. If you are interested in receiving more information about any of these programs or are in need yourself, please answer the questions below and information will be sent to you via email, text message, and/or phone call.

If you need help applying for any of these programs, Ms. Louvin will do her best to contact you individually and walk you through the process or help you make connections. These are HARD times and we are here to help you. This information will remain confidential and your information will not be distributed to anyone at the school district.

To notify Ms. Louvin of your needs, please complete the information held in this link and she will get back to you as soon as possible: Community Resource Needs.


If you have concerns about your child’s schedule or other issues, the following are the staff to contact. Email is a quick way to get answers to the questions you might have.


A-E Michelle Kahan

F-J Erin Boelow

K-Ra Oscar Rethwill

Re-Z Molly Ninneman


Kimberly Louvin


Paul Quirke


Karen Galicia


Ryan Alexander


A-G Celeste Pellicci

H-O Teresa Ketelsen

P-Z Kelly Hart