Dovey Coe , Frances O`Roark Dowell

Breonnica Cannon


The Coe family has lived quietly in the high mountains of Indian Creek, North Carolina, for centuries. That is, until 12-year-old Dovey Coe is accused of murdering Parnell Caraway. Dovey may be headstrong and have a sharp tongue, but she has always been a loving girl, protecting her deaf brother, Amos, and looking out for her older sister. Needless to say, Dovey is none too happy when Parnell starts courting her pretty older sister. No matter how Parnell sweet talks the family and compliments Dovey's mother on her cooking, it is clear he thinks that Amos is a nuisance and a mistake. Dovey will do anything to protect her brother. But is she capable of murder?

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Actors And Actresses

  1. Dovey Coe-Skai Jackson
  2. Caroline Coe-Peyton List
  3. The Dad-Joey Richter
  4. The Mom-Debby Ryan
  5. peralle willams-Chris Galya