Drugs Resistance

Create A Distance With Drugs

About Drugs

There are multiple types of drugs. Drugs were orignally meant to help
patience. It would help them while taking shots or pills. Drugs are
defined: As something you can get addicted to. People define drugs now
days as, Weed, Marijuana, Cocane, Shrooms, and Meth. There are so many more
drugs, but these are the most common.

Drug Overdoses

Affects of Drugs

  • Weaken immune systems
  • Nuesea
  • Liver troubles
  • May cause seizures
  • Can become more aggresive
  • Depression
  • Lossing control
  • Behavior difference


Stay away from drugs, unless you perscribed to it from the docters. Drugs are really bad for you. If anyone pressures you into taking drugs, say NO, and tell an adult.