Sneak Peek

Miss Roberts * Stoy School * January 19th


This week we will review Unit 2, Nature Can Teach Us Many Things, and celebrate all we have learned the past weeks. Each main selection reading will be displayed and the students will have an opportunity to share a retelling of their favorite. Each child will also create a persuasive bookmark for the story they chose. As a class, we will review the skills and and each child will complete the unit assessments. Again, these will continue to help drive my instruction.

We will continue our Persuasive Writing lessons and by the end of the week, the students will complete their final draft.


Lesson 5-4 Coin Calculations
  • Show combinations of coins used to pay for items
  • Learn how to discuss options of a vending machine
  • Show coin combinations to pay for items
  • Use strategies to make change
  • Buy items from a vending machine
Lesson 5-5 Exploring Arrays, Time and Shapes
  • Write numbers in expanded form
  • Determine the number of dots in an array
  • Skip count to find the number of dots in an array
  • Write addition number models to represent them
  • Make arrays and write addition number models to represent them
  • Match times shown on clock faces to digital clocks
  • Vocabulary: array
Lesson 5-6: Mentally adding and Subtracting 10 and 100
  • Count up and back by 10's on a number grid
  • Solve a +10 addition problem
  • Share strategies for adding 10 to a 3 digit number
  • Use calculator counts to develop rules for mentally adding and subtracting 10 and 100
  • Vocabulary: mental addition * mental subtraction

Social Studies

The various land forms and bodies of water found within the United States have been discussed, illustrated, labeled and defined. Now, the difference between maps and globes will be studied. The second graders will have an opportunity to look, read and manipulate both. When they are familiar with each, they will focus on the continents and oceans. Each student will Continent Book with the seven continents and various bodies of water. After practicing, they will asked to complete a map to locate and label the seven continents and three major oceans; Atlantic, Pacific and Indian and identify the location of the equator and North and South Poles.


*This is a 4-day week, so there a weekly response will NOT be assigned
January 20th - Follow a Monday Schedule
January 21st - Scholastic Book Orders due
February 26th - W.E.B. Project is due