January Edition

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Principal's Corner with Mrs. Montecucco

As we roll into a new year this is a great time to reboot and set up routines at home! Here are a few great reminders. Sleep is critical in preventing poor mental health, injuries, attention or behavior problems, and even obesity and diabetes.

1. Set bed and wake up times at the same time each day.

2. Keep the bedroom quiet and a comfortable temperature.

3. No electronic devices in the bedroom.

4. Avoid large meals and caffeine before bedtime.

5. Make sure kids are active during the days to help with falling asleep at night.

6. Model good sleep behaviors for your kids.

7. Have a bedtime routine like taking a warm bath, brushing teeth and reading a story.

Gingerbread Fun in Kindergarten!


Join us in January and February for "plaid or flannel shirt Friday"!

  • January 3 - 1st Day of 2022
  • January 17 - No School, Martin Luther King day
  • January 31 - No School, mid-winter break
  • February 11 - No School, Professional Learning Day
  • February 21 - No School President's Day


Hello Sunset Families!

Welcome back! The Cheney School District has resources available for children who qualify as homeless. If your child qualifies, we can provide several supports including: free lunch, transportation should you move out of the Sunset area, and school supplies.

The McKinney-Vento Act defines homeless children as "individuals who lack a fixed, regular, and adequate nighttime residence." The act provides examples of children who would fall under this definition:

· Children sharing housing due to economic hardship or loss of housing;

· Children living in "motels, hotels, trailer parks, or camp grounds due to lack of alternative accommodations"

· Children living in "emergency or transitional shelters"

· Children "awaiting foster care placement"

· Children whose primary nighttime residence is not ordinarily used as a regular sleeping accommodation (e.g. park benches, etc.)

· Children living in "cars, parks, public spaces, abandoned buildings, substandard housing, bus or train stations…"

If you find yourself in this situation or are unsure whether you would qualify, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you are in need of housing or other resources and aren't sure where to go, you can dial 211 or 877-211-WASH (9274). The have information and referral specialists who can help with basic needs, health care, family resources, and specialized needs.

Please don't hesitate to call or email if I can be of assistance.

Take care!

Sam Winchell, M.Ed., NBCT-SC

Sunset School Counselor


  • LOST & FOUND - We will send out items to staff and families twice a month to claim.
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New Look for Sign in & Sign Out

For 2022 we will be streamlining the sign in and out process! We would like to begin an electronic sign in and sign out! We will have two computers in the foyer ready for this new adventure.

SIGN IN - Parents/Guardians simply complete the sign in form electronically. If bringing your child after the start of the school day simply sign in. Then send your son/daughter into the office to Ms. Shannon for their pass.

SIGN OUT -If your student is leaving for the day or for an appointment, simply complete the sign out. Ms. Shannon or Mrs. Cano will simply call your child down and escort them to you in the foyer.

Let us know if there are concerns or if you have an idea for improvement.

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Communities in Schools Newsletter below!

Attendance Matters! Thank you for sending your children on time. Drop off 7:30am M-Th, 8:30am Friday

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Local ESD Kids Newspaper for January

The fifth, January, edition of Kids Newspaper for Moms and Dads for the 2021-22 school year is available at