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Gatsby found dead!

This evening the self made millionaire and was found dead in his swimming pool. Early evidence points to murder suicide. A man identified as George Wilson was found dead on gatsbys property with what looks likes a self inflected gunshot wound. The motive is still partially unknown but so far the police believe Wilson was getting even with gatsby, and that gatsby might be connected with the hit and run death of Myrtle Wilson who was hit earlier in the week while running out into the street by a yellow car. At the scene their was two bullet casings found and one firearm. The police are still investigating the scene and gatsbys property. Anyone with information about gatsbys murder or the hit and run incident should call police.

Myrtle found dead!

Myrtle Wilson age 29 was found dead last night in a car accident outside Wilson's garage in what's believed to be a hit and run accident. Witnesses report seeing myrtle run into the street trying to flag down the car that's struck her. Mr. Wilson told police That he saw myrtle get hit by a yellow sports car. Which was rumored to be owned by Tom Buchanan, which he denies. Police are not saying any other information about the incident or whether Tom is involved in the crime.

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Gatsby Conspiracies

After the death of Jay Gatsby there has been extensive research done on his past. It has been found that he may have been involved in the selling of illegal alcohol and trading in stolen securities. There are many crimes Gatsby may have committed that are unknown. It is said his motive for all these crimes were to impress his dream girl Daisy
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Gatsbys Throws Party Of The Year

Multi billionaire Jay gatsby is known for throwing great party's. This weekend he seemed to of topped himself. Nothing the less of the best of the best we're in attendance. A-list celebrities like Charlie Chaplin and others were seen having a great time at the gatsby mansion.

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