Mrs. Rushenberg's Classroom Blog

April 22, 2018

Important Dates

WD Family Fun- April 28 (5th Graders can volunteer!)

Biztown Interviews- May 1

Early Out- May 2

Meals from the Heartland- May 11

5th Grade Concert- May 14

Early Out- May 16

Biztown- May 18

Middle School Visit- May 21

No School- May 28

Last Day of School- May 31


In reading we have been working on evaluating infographics. We learned that infographics include data and graphics. Students have been working on creating their infographic based on a topic of their choice. They have been researching their topic and creating a visual to go along with the information.


We have been working on infographics. That basically means we are showing information but on a graph or with pictures but u also can include words. We have done infographics on our personal resume and a topic of our choosing on Google Drawing. We also started sketch-noting. It is a way to take notes with pictures and words.

By: Andrea and Téa

Poetry Notebook

For Poetry Notebook we read a poem or a book and answer questions about the story or poem. This weeks was called Casey at Bat. It was about a boy that was really good a baseball and it was the last inning and his team was stuck with two outs and two people on base and he is up to bat. Last week we had a poem about a woman that changed the world in her own way. So that's what we are doing in poetry notebook.

By: Brayden and Lauren


In Math, we have been working on volume and capacity. Also, we are working a lot with 3D shapes and finding the area of 2D shapes & 3D shapes. For example, if there was a cube and the height, base and depth were 7 inches, your total volume would be 343 in3.

By: Sarah & Jacob

Social Studies

In social studies we are learning about Biztown. We’ve learned about the different types of checks and the different ways to pay such as checks, dollar bills, credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, and gift cards. When we go to Biztown which is in May, we will learn how to have a job, vote, and pay for different things. We also get money from our jobs and we can buy different stuff. So far social studies is great.

By: Sanja Suljic and Yrr Einarsdottir


In P.E. we have been doing fitness testing. We did the pacer, sit ups, push ups and soon the mile. It has been lots of of fun. P.E is a very fun and relaxing.

By: Enoch


In computers, we have been learning about and doing presentations on countries in the Winter Olympics and sports+athletes in the Winter Olympics. After you finish your research, you create a Blabberize ( moving mouth picture ) and voice / act like your athlete. You also make a stop-motion slideshow of your sport over a course of slides. This is what we have done in computers!

By: Catie & Mustafa


In music we are learning new songs in music for our concert such as Fireflies, We all Dream and the Orchestra song. In fireflies we have flashlights that we will use during the concert. We are working on “We all dream”. In the Orchestra we make sounds for the instrument such as the trumpet goes “ta ta ta ta ta ta ta ta tata” etc.

By: Jack and Connor Z.


In art we have been working on one point perspective drawing. One point perspective is where you make a city that has a ending point so it looks like your standing in a city. We are using watercolor, colored pencils so you color and then get a paint brush wet and go over it.

By: Mei Ling and Abdullah


In Guidance right now we're choosing what we want to be when we grow up. We have to figure out how much you get paid. If you want to be a doctor we have to figure what our responsibilities will be when we get that job. We also have to do research on that job we want to do.

By: Isaac

The Seven Habits

We are currently working on the seven habits. The first habit we are learning about is being Proactive. Being proactive is if you go with it or following the direction. On the other hand, if you be reactive, you blaming at other people if something goes wrong, or reacting to the situation. For example, your mom asks you to wash the dishes. If you are proactive, you will obey. But if you are Reactive, you will say something like this : “ do I have to? ” Next week, we are going to learn about habit two.

By: Mackay and Poorvi