4HA Weekly News

1st November 2013

Dear Parents,

As there were no major special events this week, we were able to have a more 'normal' week in the classroom! The health screenings and photograph session went very smoothly, and the children showed maturity as they moved around the school for these purposes.

We had some special reward time on Thursday, that the children have earned over the last 5 weeks, and it was great that it happened to fall on Halloween, because it meant we could carve the pumpkin that Jack kindly brought in, and do some themed activities. Mr. Hammerberg visited us from the British School to demonstrate a 'Halloween Reaction' which you can view on below. It looks pretty magical, and we were all very impressed!

Halloween Reaction with Mr. H

Our Studies

Language Arts

This week we spent some of our writing time researching and making notes about animals and their adaptations. This formed the foundation for the animal poster homework. It ties in with the science unit that we finished this week. The children also wrote their own endings to an unfinished story based on a haunted house. Children learnt to use what had already been written, along with their own ideas, and write endings that flowed and brought the story to a satisfying conclusion. In reading, everyone did really well in their new guided reading groups, and they were able to work together productively. We also used some of our reading time to read about our chosen animals in books and online.

Next week, our reading and writing will be linked with our new Social Studies unit entitled 'The Newspaper'. This will give us many opportunities to consider the language and layout of newspapers, their purpose and all of the roles associated with newspaper reporting.

We will continue to work in our guided reading groups, and by the end of the week, all of the 'book clubs' will have started reading their first book together.


This week we have studied multiplication. We multiplied 2-digit and 3-digit numbers. All of the children made their own mini book, explaining clearly how to multiply two 2-digit numbers in seven steps. We also related multiplication to division by identifying fact families. We played some fun multiplication games to consolidate our learning.

Next week, we will keep focusing on division. We will divide numbers (up to 4-digits) by a 1-digit number. We will solve problems with, and without, regrouping. We will find quotients with remainders as well as quotients without remainders. At the end of the week, we will again refer to the relationship between multiplication and division to ensure that children strengthen their understanding of this principle.

Information and reminders

- We are excited that next week we will begin activities with our buddy class, 1P! I am sure that both classes will get a great deal from our experiences together.

- We are going to begin preparing for our 4th Grade Chapel, which will be on November 21st!

- Mr. Schulze informs me that swimming runs again from December 2nd - 13th.

A special note

We received a HUGE compliment from Ms. Chavis this week! She came up to our classroom to let me know that out of all of the 3rd, 4th and 5th Grade classes this year, 4HA stands out as the most well behaved while walking from lesson to lesson, and while in her room for Guidance. Of course, I was extremely happy to hear this, and I truly agree with Ms. Chavis! I hope we keep up this amazing reputation for the rest of the year!

Prince George Award

It was a very close week, but Temin's hard work and great attitude earned him the Prince George Award this week. Well done Temin!

A special mention must go to Colin, who had an equal number of points but only missed out on the tie breaker!