By Hailey 8J

Plagiarism DO's

Not plagiarizing someone else's work isn't easy, especially because 'Copy and Pasting' their work is faster than writing it yourself. One way to stay out of trouble is to make sure you list ALL the websites you visited at the bottom of your document or page. It is safer to put too many references than not enough. When taking notes off of someone else's website, always try to write in point form, so that when you do your good copy, you would have a very small chance of repeating what was on the website word for word.

Plagiarism DONT's

Something you should never do is 'Copy and Paste' another person's work onto your own document and claim it as your own. You might think your teachers won't notice, but their is a big chance that they will. Some students might think that if they copy another person's work which is far better completed than their's that they will get a better mark, but in most cases their mark turns out to be worse.

5 Facts About Plagiarism

- Plagiarism is something that you can be severely punished for

- Plagiarism is sometimes over looked by teachers who do not want to lose a student

- One out of three high school students admitted to plagiarizing one or more of their assignments last year

- 7% of students at high schools last year admitted to writing down someone else's work practically word for word

- In a survey of 24000 students at over 70 high schools, 58% admitted to plagiarism

Real World Plagiarism Story Number 1

Janet Cooke allegedly fabricated parts of her story for the Washington Post that was nominated for and won the Pulitzer Prize. She later resigned and returned the award, as she had learned her lesson of not to plagiarize.
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Real World Plagiarism Number 2

On September 30th, 2003, Stephen Harper's campaign official, Owen Lippert, plagiarized a speech written on March 20, 2003, regarding the Iraq War. This speech was almost exactly the same as the one Australia's Prime Minister, John Howard, had presented just 2 days earlier. Liberal M.P., Bob Rae, noticed that Stephen Harper's speech was very similar to the one of John Howard. Bob Rae accused Stephen Harper of not acknowledging the similarities.

Real World Plagiarism Number 3

In two of Janet Daily's books, she 'borrowed' a few things from another author, Nora Roberts. This included plot points and a few passages. The two books were later pulled from print and Janet Daily had to pay a settlement to Nora Roberts.


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