by Sara Graff

Interested in joining the InvenTeam but you want to know more about it first? I sat down with a couple of the team members and got the inside scoop on what InvenTeam is all about.
So, what exactly is InvenTeam?
Well, InvenTeam is a club, founded and supervised by our very own Mr. Hillebrand, and it has been going on since last year. It is one of sixteen teams chosen by the Lemelson-MIT program, given a grant to build their invention! The group has grown since last year, and all members are constantly working at their project.

When do they meet?

They meet every Wednesday after school until 5:30.

What are they working on?

They’re working on a very special project. They’re configuring a cart and stretcher for beached animals!!!

Want to know more?

Go check it out! Don’t be shy!!!! The team always welcomes more members. stop by one of their meetings to get in on it. It’s fun, I promise!