Ms. D's Kindergarten Newsletter

Week 22

Important Upcoming Dates

  • Monday, February 15th- No School!
  • Wednesday, March 2- Winter Fun Day (Details- To come in the next couple weeks)
  • Thursday, March 3rd- No School! (Teacher's Convention)
  • Friday, March 4th- No School! (Teacher's Convention)
  • Important Information:

    • Letter of the week: This week we learned the letter "Gg!" Students engaged in multiple activities this week to guide them in their learning of this letter. Next week we will be learning the letter "Ss."

    • Reading: In Kindergarten we are always talking about the importance of recognizing our letters as well as knowing what sounds letters make. We have started to talk about how knowing our letters and the sounds can help us to "decode" (like spies the kids said! haha) unknown words in books. Although we have only started to "I spy" words and "decode" them (with guidance) it is never too early to start reading books with your child! Nightly reading is not only a wonderful way to spend time together but can also jump start their love for books and reading.

    • Home reading program: I will be sending home information on my home reading program which will kick start in the next few weeks :)

    Table Talk

    This is where I share a few things that we have been learning this week, great discussion for at the dinner table (hence “Table Talk”)!

    1) This week we were introduced to a new letter (Gg). Students learned the letter's proper printing formation for writing as well as the sound that the letter makes. Ask your child to "air" write with their finger an G for you, as well as tell you the sound this letter makes.

    Have a great weekend!