The Blobfish by Joseph Worrell

What it is, and how to save it.

What is the blobfish?

The blobfish is a type of fish that is endangered, and lives near the coast of australia, at depths up to 1200 meters, because of their gelatinous body, they float around in the water looking for something to eat, they can grow up to a foot in length and eat primarily lobster and crab, because of this they end up getting caught in fishing trawlers nets, and since they are inedible it is a waste of time, and money to even catch them

Look what happens to these poor creatures.

How Do We Save This Poor Creature?

Unfortunately the blobfish can only survive at very pressurized depths so it is very hard to move it to a safe location for it to thrive, but a resteraunt called the blobfish cafe has transported blofish for people to see to it's resteraunt. We can save this creature by shutting down trawlers, which kill this poor animal and others, in fact trawlers usually don't even catch their intended food so they really are a waste of money. we can also try to help restore the places near the coast of Australia where the blobfish lives, like many people are already doing.

My Plan

My plan is to hang flyers around Granville asking them to donate money to the Blobfish, there will be a QR code they can scan to give $2.50 or more to the cause of preserving the Blobfish's habitat.The Paper, and ink will come from my house, and my printer. On the flyer there will be info about the Blobfish, what it eats, where it lives, and why is it endangered. There will also be a slogan: Even the blobbiest things deserve to live.


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