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The Spencer Elementary Newsletter 2/21/19

Our Mission

The Spencer Community is devoted to developing every child's ability to succeed.

Drop-Off Procedures

Thank you for being patient and open-minded about the drop-off. I feel that our student safety in the lot has dramatically increased. I have a couple of reminders.

  • As the drop off line moves forward if you are the first vehicle waiting please pull forward to the crosswalk so we can get more students out at the same time.

  • Please pass on the procedures to anyone other than yourself that might be dropping students off.

  • Only one crosswalk available (outside main doors) to minimize stopping the drop off lane.

  • Staff will be positioned to help your student out of the vehicle especially if a bag is snagged on a chair. If they open a door, it helps so you do not have to exit.

  • BUS DROP OFF LOT – Busses have been leaving around 8:45ish, once they are moving and out of the lot feel free to use this to drop your student. Especially if you are running late or stuck on Spencer Rd. Only use this lot when the busses are out.

  • Mr. Renner has assured me that your child/ren will not be marked tardy as long as he is outside. Once he comes inside, you'll need to park and sign your child in.

Thank you again,

Officer Parks

Request from the Office Secretaries

We have had an increase in the amount of calls at the end of the day with a change in plans for your students transportation home, sometimes even after the bell has rung. When this occurs, it is difficult to communicate this change to your student during this busy time of day. While we understand emergencies do arise, it is difficult during dismissal to locate your child to change their pick up or bus routine. Please make every effort to help us by calling no later than 3:00pm to make a change in their transportation schedule. Thank you for your consideration.

No Birthday Edible Treats

Just a friendly reminder that due to the increase in the number of food allergies, we are not allowing edible birthday treats at Spencer this year. Feel free to bring in stickers, pencils, or a book donation for the classroom. Thank you for your understanding.

Kindergarten / Junior Kindergarten Round-Up

We had an excellent turn-out on Tuesday for our round-up at Spencer. If you missed it, feel free to attend Hilton Elementary's round-up on Tuesday, Feb 26. It's the same presentation.

If you have questions about the 1/2 Kindergarten option, feel free to contact Jessi Riddle, a current 1/2 K parent from Spencer.

810-210-8264 or
You can also find her on FB by Jessica Riddle

Author and Illustrator presentation

Thank you PTO!! We had a wonderful visit today from Karen & Darrin Brege. They are a local author and illustrator from Brighton. An order form came home this week for their books. If you forgot to send it in, they extended the deadline until next Friday, March 1, 2019. Send your order form and money to your teacher and we will make sure they receive the order. Do you need a new order form? Email Mrs. Adams

This presentation was made possible by our wonderful PTO.

~Mrs. Adams/teacher librarian

Visit their website

WatchDOG Program

We've had quite the turnout for our first year of the WatchDOG program! Our slots have all are filled for the remainder of the year. Thank you for taking the time to join us and make this program work. It's been fantastic to see these father figures in action and walking the halls of Spencer. We appreciate you and your time. You'll never know the difference you've made!

Office Request for Previous WatchD.O.G.S.

If you have been one of our WatchD.O.G.S. here at Spencer and have not done so yet, please WASH and RETURN your t-shirt. We are running low on our supply in the office. Thank You!

Snow Day Calls

Wow! What a lot of snow days we've had. Remember, if you receive a call, it's voice-activated, and you'll need to say, "Hello" for it to activate the message.

School Hours

Daily Start Time:

Starting Time - 8:47 AM

Dismissal Time - (11:57 for 1/2 Kindergarten) 3:50 PM

Tardy Time - 8:47 AM

Attendance Line*- 810-299-4354

*Please remember to call your child's absence in as early as possible.

Lunch Hours

Lunchtimes for Spencer Students:

1/2 K - No Lunch

Jk-Full Day K - 11:35-12:00

1st Grade- 12:05-12:30

2nd Grade- 12:35-1:00

4th Grade- 1:05-1:30

3rd Grade- 1:35-2:00

Important Dates:


22 - Popcorn Friday

26 - Rollerama Night 4:30-7:00


6 - Hungry Howie's Pizza Night

8 - NO SCHOOL for JK-6 (7-12 Attend School)

12 - PTO Meeting

15 - Popcorn Friday

20 - Book Bingo

22 - Popcorn Friday

25-29 - Spring Break


5 - Popcorn Friday

9 - Spring Picture Day

12 - Popcorn Friday

It's Story Time!

Mr. Renner made a few videos of him reading books that are from the book fair. Gather your children and let them hear a story from their principal. More to come soon!