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When you (the plaintiff) have been injured or wronged by someone (the defendant), the journey through a court proceeding can be overwhelming, confusing and stressful. Let us be the friend you need to guide you through this difficult time. We can start your case by filing a complaint with the court system to let them know what happened to you. The court will then order the defendant to appear in court by issuing a summons, which will provide the date and time the defendant must appear in court and answer for your complaint. We will assist you in filing your initial pleadings, which will explain your side of your case. The defendant will also have the opportunity to file a pleading of guilty or not guilty in court and give his/her side of the case. I will accompany you to a pretrial conference where we will reveal evidence and witnesses you intend to take to trial. We will attempt mediation, which will encourage the defendant to settle out of court using arbitration. If mediation fails, we will appear with you to present your case in a trial before a judge and/or jury. My record of winning cases will assist you in convincing the judge that you are telling the truth through a preponderance of evidence. I can help you to get the judge to turn a guilty verdict for the defendant, which will mean you win your case. The defendant will be offered a chance to go to trial again (appeal), but I will help you to win again. When you win your case, you can be awarded compensation for your losses and suffering.

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