Fidel Castro (During Cold War)


Fidel Castro


1. Established the first communist state in the western hemisphere

2. He ruled Cuba for about 5 years

3. He was successful in reducing illiteracy but is widely criticize for stifling economic and political freedoms

4. Castro has a bad relation with U.S. Resulting in the bay of pigs invasion and Cuban missile crisis

5. in 1953 he led an attack on Monocado army barracks it was a failure attack that lead to his capture.

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When he took rule he reduced a bunch of things. He reduced the amount of people who were illiterate meaning they could not read or write. He also gave a bunch of people electricity which nobody really had. But he gave little amount of food for everybody.

he and the U.S. was not in good terms. Because of this, this lead to the bay of pigs invasion and the Cuban missile crisis.