Mrs. Nigro's News

September 24, 2015

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Gladiator Fun Run

The anticipation is growing for our Gladiator Fun Run coming up next Wednesday. Thanks to all of you that have already signed up your child. It is not too late if you haven't had a chance- just go to

All of the students get very excited each day watching our pledge-o-meter rise with funds that we have had donated to help our school get a rock climbing wall. Please continue to help our school reach our goal!

The 2nd grade students will be running at 10:15. Please feel free to join us if you are available.

Big, World, Recess

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Literacy Review

It has been a fun week reading, The Diary of a Spider. The students have enjoyed reading this humorous fiction text while working on Summarizing and Cause & Effect situations. Our study of this genre continued throughout our guided reading groups.

In grammar we started our study of nouns. The children sorted nouns into the categories of people, animals, places, and things. They also enjoyed working on a noun Kahoot activity too.

In writing we are planning a descriptive paragraph about our homes. The children did a nice job using their senses to brainstorm ideas for this paragraph.

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Reading Rewards Check In

Each night after the students read for 15 minutes they should log their reading time and title of the book on their iPad in Reading Rewards. We did a sample entry as a class last week. Your child's username is their first initial of their first name and then their complete last name with the number 62. (For example: tnigro62) Their password is Gs201516. I will be checking this regularly to get a better feel for the genres your child likes to read.


Our study of addition and subtraction word problems has continued this week. The children worked on comparison problems, problems without enough information, problems with too much information, and problems with hidden information. I will be checking the students' understanding of these concepts on Friday.
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Gladiator Fun Run

Wednesday, Sep. 30th, 10:15am

Gower West School, Willowbrook, IL, United States

It is going to be a great event!