What`s Trending in Math and Science

January 20-23, 2015

This Week at a Glance

Monday - No School MLK Day

Tuesday - Art

Wednesday - Music

Thursday - Science Vocabulary Quiz - 3.3. and 7.1

Friday - Pizza Box Ovens*

**Dear Parents,

I would like to do Pizza Box Solar Ovens with the students on Friday. I was able to get enough pizza boxes to put students in groups of four, but would like to have them work in pairs. Unfortunately, Monday was pizza day at school and I missed out on collecting Pizza Boxes because of the holiday. If you have any of the following around, please send them in:


Pizza Boxes

Thank You!

Upcoming Events for Your Calendar

1/29 - Informational Math Night

1/30 Collaboration Day - Early Dismissal - Expressions and Equations Math Test

2/12 Heat and Energy Science Test

2/13 No School


This week we continue learning about expressions and equations. Students will be working to better understand solutions to equations and how equations, tables, and graphs change to represent changes in real world problem situations. Students will be focusing on recognizing patterns and structures in these different mathematical representations. They will learn to represent and analyze the quantitative relationship between dependent and independent variables.

New Resource

Students have been working in their new workbook, Ready Common Core, Both students and we as teachers are learning to navigate the new resources we are using this year. The biggest struggle seems to be with the new language in this text. Students also are struggling with some of the instructional sequences due to both the language and over-analyzing its simplicity. We will be working on both of these difficulties in class, so students feel more confident at home. I am also working with students to look at problems they don't immediately understand and recognize what they know, try to visualize what the problem is asking them, relate it to another problem they have seen and try their best to make sense of it. This will help them in the future when they encounter higher level mathematics.

Most importantly, homework is meant to be practice to build fluency. If any of your students is stuck on a problem for an extended period of time, and has no idea what they are looking at, but have tried to make sense of the problem- please reassure them, they can make a note in their books and ask me to go over it with them in class the next day- no need to even email- I certainly understand the struggle!

Informational Math Night

LCE is hosting an informational Math Night, next Thursday, January 29 at 6:30 pm in the school cafeteria. Join us for information about the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics. More information will be coming home in your Thursday Folders.


This week students will be finishing their Environmental Issues Debate, Each student was assigned a situation pulled from current events. Students were asked to research the topic from the perspective of a developer, a conservationist, or a preservationist. Friday, students started presenting their arguments to the class! So far, students have done an excellent job presenting their ideas! Passion abounds for the environment and students have generating fascinating insights and ideas!

On Thursday, we will have a vocabulary quiz on lessons 3.3 and 7.1. There are 22 words in this section. Students should be prepared to study for the quiz on Wednesday in class!

Friday, we will be making pizza box ovens that utilize solar power to make smores. The weather should turn out on friday, if not, Monday looks promising as well.

If you have any newspaper that you are no longer using, please send it in with your student. We will need it for insulation in our pizza boxes.