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Friday 26th June

Headteacher News

- Please remember to park considerately and safely when dropping off or collecting children from school. We have received complaints that vehicles have parked in the Greyhound Pub and would like to point out that this is private property which is not available for school use.

- It remains extremely important for health and safety reasons that children are collected punctually from school. Please try to be punctual, as children from different bubbles waiting in the same area increases the risk of virus transmission. Thank you.

- Thank you for continuing to observe social distancing whilst on the school site, as this continues to be essential in our attempts to recover from the pandemic. We have noted that there is a particular pinch point on the path to the school gate and are reviewing our risk assessment. Please be considerate towards other families and ensure that they have sufficient time and space to traverse safely. Children from different social bubbles should still remain 2m apart at all times.

- We have all enjoyed the hot weather this week and have spent lots of time outside. Please remember to put suncream on your child before they come to school so that they are protected during the day. They should also have a hat and water bottle with them.

- As you will have seen from Mr Sibley's letter, we are awaiting further guidance from the government regarding catch up programmes for children in the autumn term. We are also awaiting confirmation about school closure during the summer holidays. Currently, our plans are that school will close to all children (including those of Key Workers) from 17th July.

Rainbow & Value Awards

Rainbow Awards this week:

  • Rupert Venables: for brilliant maths - using a number line to add and subtract.
  • Rory Firmin: for being super enthusiastic and supportive to his bubblemates at Sports Day
  • Ruby Elliott: for excellent maths work adding and subtracting - and for being a happy friendly new member to the Willow bubble.
  • Sienna Leonard: for earning the most points at Sports Day - what a super sporty girl.
  • Daniel Charge: for continued hard work completing every task set on the Google Classroom - your enthusiasm shines through.
  • Ned Fielden: for continued hard work completing every task set on the Google Classroom - your enthusiasm shines through.
  • Maisie Bird: for continued hard work completing every task set on the Google Classroom - your enthusiasm shines through.
  • Heidi Verlander-Bedford: for settling in to the Sycamore class so well. You have worked so well every morning and you have shown lovely manners to Mr Rich and the children in the class all week. Well done!!

  • Harry Connell: you have worked so hard again this week. Your bike poem was fantastic, you clearly worked very hard on it and the end product was superb!

  • Rory Watson: for working so hard this week. You come in with the right attitude every morning, work so hard and play so well with the children in our key worker class. Well done and keep up the good work, Rory.

  • Alex, Magnus,Imogen,Juliet,Pearl,Finn,Alexander, Clara & Cameron: for coming back to school with a really positive attitude - it has been such a lovely week and a real pleasure to spend time with you all!!

Values Awards this week:

  • Martha Bosomworth: Compassion Award - for being kind and helpful to her friends and making Ruby feel welcome.

  • Ollie Holgate: Respect Award - for how hard you have worked this week and how respectful you have been of everybody in class. You have shown lovely manners, you have been very polite and you have set a wonderful example to the younger children in Sycamore - Mr Rich

  • Cameron Oakley: Community Award - for being really supportive and encouraging to others during sports day events. You gave coaching tips in a kind way and I was really impressed by your attitude throughout the day! - Miss Holgate


This week in school

Tent Building in Maple

Virtual Sports Day

Ice Cream Sundaes

After a very warm sports day we all made our own ice cream sundae with some amazing creations ...

Worship Assembly

Every week (Monday) Mr Weights posts a short worship assembly via his youtube channel which you can access here: Please subscribe to receive an update when a new video is posted. I will also start and add these the the weekly newsletter.
Assembly 22nd June

Diary Dates

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