Famous Photographer

Christian Aslund


He is a photo journalist working for news papers, magazines, and NOG's, documenting a variety of armed conflicts, environmental, and social issues.

He shoots commercial and editorial photography by capturing moments but adding a twist to them.

What made him famous

His photo gallery called " The Legacy of Kim" was awarded for capturing Hong Kong and its work and art around town.

His own work

His own work is inspired by his colleges that he works because they share a studio and put many inspirations together and even branch off from them to make a bigger picture.


people have said he has a great way of mostly capturing Hong Kong more than any other work he has produced from also Sweden

My thoughts

Christian Aslund has some very unique photos using the streets as his playground to make creative photos such as using the floor as the background to and scene. Not many others do like he does. His commercial photos also seem to show he makes the main item pop out from the rest by crystal clear pictures with no motion blur nothing but a perfect snap at the right moment that makes the main item stand out from the rest.