Technology FYI

Jordan School District January, 2016

MasteryConnect Tips

Changes in Staff

This time of year at many schools there are changes in staff members. This could cause some anxiety about what to do with the MasteryConnect Benchmark data for the students being reassigned to a new teacher.

Don't worry about this. Simply make sure that the new teacher is in Skyward and the students have been assigned to him/her. Our "Clever" upload will take care of the rest. The students should show up in the new teachers trackers (when created) along with their scores.

If you have questions or concerns about this, please contact your Curriculum Technology Specialist for help.

Utah Education Network

January Highlights

Here is the link for UEN's January Highlights:

Happy New Year from your friends at UEN.

UEN NetNews and Professional Learning Update

UEN NetNews
Jan 2016

In this issue:

* Free: Mummies of the World Exhibit – Jan 15

* Deadline: Excellence in Teaching Awards – Jan 15

* UEN's Resources for MLK Jr. Day – Jan 18

* Opening Day Utah Legislature – Jan 25

* UEN Staff Picks: Utah Futures OnRamp

* App of the Month: Pick-a-Path

* eMedia Feature: Great Hearts of Courage - MLK

* more...

Intelligence plus character - that is the goal of true education.
-Martin Luther King, Jr.

Google Apps for Education

Create Self Grading Forms

Flubaroo is a Google Apps for Education integrated tool that lets you easily grade assignments and do in-class assessments.

Flubaroo can be an excellent time saver for teachers and it is as simple as 1, 2, 3!

1. Create a quiz using Google Forms

2. Create an answer key by filling out your own form with the correct answers

3. Add the form to your Google Classroom or put a link to the form in a place where you want the students to access it.

4. Search “Add Ons” in Google Sheets for Flubaroo and click "Install"

5. After installation, there will be a new tab in Add Ons named "Flubaroo", click on that

6. Select "Grade Assignment," you will be asked a series of questions, (i.e. which set of answers is your answer key etc,)

7. Flubaroo does the rest, it will grade all forms based on the answer key. Try it for quick assessments, spelling tests and more.

8. You will get a second worksheet called "Grades" that will show you all of your student data. If more than 40% of students got a question incorrect, then the question is highlighted in orange to alert you of an area of difficulty for your students.

Flubaroo Overview

Adobe Voice and Adobe Slate

Use the free Adobe Voice iPad app or Adobe Slate desktop/iPad app to create and share striking animated videos or beautiful visual stories. In minutes. Watch Video. Adobe Voice. Turn your story into a stunning animated video

Adobe Slate & Voice: Make Your Story Stand Out