Welcome to Phoenix

Part of The Grand Canyon State

What to Bring

When coming to Phoenix, it's great to come prepared. Since Phoenix has a pretty consistent climate of arid warmness, temperature averaging at 69 degrees, an elevation of 1117 feet, and latitude/longitude of 33.26 degrees North and 112.01 degrees West, it would make the most sense to pack t-shirts, shorts, and maybe a sweatshirt or jacket. A lot constant sunshine would also make you want to bring plenty of sunscreen and an umbrella.

Awesome Tourist Attractions


Come to our elegant dining places like Mastro's City Hall Steakhouse or Bravo! Bistro. These great restaurants are fun and delicious for everyone!


Some of our best hotels are Renaissance Phoenix or Homewood Suites and they have the best pools and food places that are all just a quick walk away!