Intro to Islam

Fall 2013 Online


I'm sure we all come with different baggage when it comes to our perception of Islam and Muslims. Some of us have dear friends who are Muslims; but probably most of us have had little or no contact with them and our perception of them is mostly negative. No matter! This class will be an adventure for all of us -- myself included! I feel like a guide in a fascinating historical park who loves to show each group of visitors around. Each class is different and I look forward to getting to know each one of you!

That said, a course like this is much more than a historical tour! It's ultimately about a billion and a half real people Jesus loves and died for. These are people from very different cultures and customs who for the most part struggle in the midst of dizzying changes and challenges. And yes, it's about a religion too -- beliefs and practices that can change a bit as you travel from place to place.

So welcome again to this journey we'll make together, with discoveries along the way, surprises, a lot of food for thought, and I hope, food for prayer!"

Please begin by introducing yourself in the Introductions Discussion Forum. Next, watch my video introduction to the course. Finally, please download and thoroughly read our Course Syllabus. Then you'll be ready to start Week 1!

David Johnston, Ph.D.

Adjunct Faculty