Help Your Local Cats and Dogs!

By: Brooke Paxson

Just the Facts

  • In ONE year, 7.6 million animals enter an animal shelter in America!
  • Almost one fourth of them are killed for more room!
  • 35% of all Americans don't own a pet, you can help change that number if you don't have a pet.
  • If one of every five Americans adopted a cat or dog that wanted one in the next year did, not a single cat or dog would die

What Can you Do?

  • Adopt a pet!
  • At the least, donate to an animal shelter.
  • Or, you can even help out at your nearest animal shelter!

Help Now!

  • If you don't help soon, your furry friend could have been put down already.
  • It's not like a human to kill an animal.
  • You can save that cat or dog, you can make a difference.

Puppy Love

Friday, Feb. 12th, 11am-3pm

981 Howell Mill Road Northwest

Atlanta, GA

Donate $150 and get a reservation for your loved one to snuggle with the puppies. You can even adopt them if you want to after. Your loved one will also receive a bouquet of flowers!