There's an App for That!

Add technology in the classroom and engage your students!

50 apps that will rock your world in 60 minutes!

This was the title of a webinar I recently viewed. This webinar was presented by Michelle Luhtala from New Canaan High School in Connecticut. If you have a chance to view it, or her blog, you really should! The webinar can be located at and her blog is named and is located at The additional presenters suggested many non-traditional uses that they have found for implementing the apps in their lessons. I really liked how the main presenter uses edshelf ( to organize all of the apps she presented.

My Top Picks

Why use apps?

Using apps adds greater mobility in adding technology to your lessons. By using mobile technology, you are able to take learning outside of your classroom. Students are now using technology during every day tasks, so using apps in the classroom allows you to engage them in activities that they are already familiar with. This allows you to teach on their level and keep them highly motivated to learn. Apps are a great way of implementing Differentiated Instruction.