Boa Constrictor

By: Hunter Knudson


Boa constrictors have distinctive and varied markings. Depending on the habitat they’re trying to blend into, boas can have a range of colors, including tan, green, red, and yellow. They typically have blotches on their tails and scale patterns that look like leaves, ovals, diamonds, or circles. The average adult size ranges from 4 to 7 feet in length, with some individuals occasionally reaching 8 or 9 feet in length. They are not fluffy.


When feeding your snake it’s important to provide appropriately sized meals. An appropriately sized prey animal’s size should not exceed the size of your snake at mid-body. Feeding a snake prey that is too large can result in regurgitation and internal injury to the snake. One way to keep them healthy is by keeping them in separate enclosures from other snakes so they can't pass on a deadly disease. They need a hot to humid space with the size being proportional to your snake.


They help control the rodent population and even the insect population from spreading diseases. They can also be used meat, skin, and even medicine. The medicine is made from the oil in their skin.

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Captive bred boa constrictors are known for being well-tempered, docile creatures. Although imported Mexican and Central American boas tend to be a bit more aggressive. When properly handled and maintained, boa constrictors make relatively safe pets. Boa constrictors will bite if they feel threatened, and a bite coming from a large snake can hurt a lot.