CJ 112

Welcome Class


Hello everyone welcome to Fundamentals of Emergency Management class. I am your instructor Frank Knipfer and am exited to be teaching the class this semester. We will cover various areas in this topic.

I am happy to be teaching this course online for the first time. I am a retired Law Enforcement Officer. I retired from the Derby Police Department in June of 2012 after 24 years. I have 26 years total law enforcement experience. Nineteen were spent as a Detective and Detective Sergeant.

After 911, the last eleven years were spent training in weapons of mass destruction, suicide bombers, and the national incident management system which deals with the aftermath of an incident. I was lucky enough to learn about WMD's, their effects, working the scene, and managing the incident in an administrative manner.

I want to bring this knowledge to you so you can have a better understanding in this area and hope to peak your interest in the new Homeland Security Degree that the college is offering. This field continues to grow and the opportunities are limitless for students wanting to pursue this area of employment.

In this course, if you find a mistake immediately let me know so it can be corrected. There will be a lot of technical terms so don't get frustrated. I am not a nuclear scientist but things will be explained as simply as possible for your understanding. I like to put things in real life and not just book life. I have other training materials to help better explain some areas in the book.

Online Based

  • This course is not self-paced. It follows a set calendar with assignments due each week.
  • This course is a general education course. There are no prerequisites.
  • The course schedule including a calendar of all assignment due dates can be found in the course syllabus.
  • When communicating with the instructor, please use Canvas email. Pipeline email may be used if Canvas is unavailable.
  • When communicating with fellow students, please use Canvas email.
  • There are multiple types of activities in this course. Among them are discussions, quizzes and weekly written assignments.
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  • Unless otherwise stated, tests are given in an electronic format and may be completed off campus within a specified time frame.